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Black Filigree Bat Necklace featuring a rose, red and black beads, and a black chain
Black Filigree Bat Necklace


Choose Your Bead Color

Black Velvet Victorian Floral Kimono

Sizes Small-L/XL

Black corset laced brocade trench coa
Brocade Daywalker Trenchcoat

Black or Red

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus 18-28

Daywalker Trenchcoat

Black or Burgundy

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus 18-28

Black and white flowing skull dress
Death Maiden

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus Sizes 18-28

Blk button up with semi-poet style sleeves

Sizes Small-Large


Knee Length Button up Jacket with Longsleeves, Cuffs, and Puffed Shoulders
London Bridge


Sizes 24, 26 & 28 Only


Black lace top with long sleeves and lace up front
Madeline's Poison

Sizes Small-Large




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Long black overcoat and lace dress
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