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Corsets and Cameos and Lockets and Lace

Asleep Before Dawn

Satin Ruffled Corset Jacket

Sizes 10


Silver Bracelet with Black Rose Designs
Bacchanal Rose Bracelet

Alchemy Gothic

Silver Necklace with Black Roses and a red crystal heart and blood drop
Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace

Alchemy Gothic

Black Filigree Bat Necklace featuring a rose, red and black beads, and a black chain
Black Filigree Bat Necklace


Choose Your Bead Color

Black Wristlet with Black Swan Picture
Black Swan Wristlet Bracelet

Alchemy Gothic

Silver Heart Earrings with dangling blood drops
Bleeding Heart Earrings

Alchemy Gothic

Silver heart necklace with blood droplets
Bleeding Heart Necklace

Alchemy Gothic

Black corset laced brocade trench coa
Brocade Daywalker Trenchcoat

Black or Red

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus 18-28

Daywalker Trenchcoat

Black or Burgundy

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus 18-28

Black and white flowing skull dress
Death Maiden

Sizes Small-XXXL (6-16)

Plus Sizes 18-28



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