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Le Noir Bazaar is a modern alternative and gothic bohemian fashion boutique showcasing a variety of clothing styles in sizes 0-28, featuring a classic silhouette with a modern dark edge. Our singular mission is to empower women to be bold and fearless at any age or size.

Shop by one of our several unique styles: Bohemian and Dark Fairy for flowing, draping alternative styles, fairy, dragon, fantasy and bone jewelry; Dark Wonderland features fun, whimsical patterns to bring a touch of Alice in Wonderland into your wardrobe; Corporate, for trendy edgy clothing options for the workplace; Dark Victorian with its beautiful lace dresses, corset skirts, high collars, steel boned corsets, cameos, pocket watches and classic styles; Modern Witch brings out your inner witchy woman,with pentacles and pentagrams, crystals and crescent moons, so you can be ready to cast your spell over the nightlife, formal events, weddings, prom and pagan inspired themes; Goth Girl is perfect for young ladies who are looking for young, edgy goth clothing featuring lots of crosses and skulls; Vampire brings to life romantic dresses and corseted coats, jackets and accessories with a dramatic twist that are all perfect for a romantic date or event.

Be sure to visit our jewelry section for unique necklaces, chokers, bracelets and rings in Gothic, pagan, Victorian and many other styles. We carry Alchemy Gothic as well as handmade, one of a kind jewelry and accessory pieces by Spoiled Rotten Lilith Jewelry Design.




Dramatic ice queen top
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